Breed Special



Special breed show


Irish Red Setter

Irish Red & White Setter


Sunday 08/09/2019

FORT II Wommelgem

Fort II Straat

2160   Wommelgem  Belgium


Judging at: 9.30

Reception dogs: 7.30




       Mrs. Fauvrelle L. (GB)     Irish Red Setter :  reuen / mâles / dogs


       Mr. Fauvrelle B.  (GB)     Irish Red Setter :  teven / femelles / bitches


       Mrs. Hughes S. (Eire)      Irish Red & White Setter


Entry Fee


1ste / dog                                              32 Euro

2de .3de  …. dog                                   29 Euro 

Baby’s, pups  and veterans                 24 Euro


Baby, puppy and veteran are not considered as 1st entry


Child-Dog show  Changed  : FREE


French fries and drinks at the venue