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Vergelijkingstabel ons toegestuurd door de KMSH op 09/06/2005

Comparison of various grading schemes for Hip Dysplasia

Final grading is based on the appearance of the worse hip joint

Please note UK scores here are for one joint !



UK BVA/KC One joint





Normal hip







1 - 3

1 – 2






4 - 6

3 – 4




7 - 8

5 – 6




Mild HD


9 - 12

7 – 9




13 - 18

10 – 12






> 18

13 – 15





16 – 18




Severe HD



19 – 21





22 – 24




Rode Ierse Setter / Setter Irlandais Rouge / Irish Red Setter

UPDATED  : 15-8-2018

Naam/Nom/Name                                                            HD           Land/Pays  
Ablueocean Of Kyntire C B
Abridged Of Funny Home A B
Afunnytail Of Kyntire A B
Aimée Comme Tress du Mont Sithieu B2 B
Amarylis of the Chicken Farm B B
Anlory Keltic Red Sky A B
Anlory Keltic Rhythem 4/6 GB
Anlory Mr Blue Sky B1 B
Ardan Of Funny Home A B
Ardbraccan Irish Magic A B
Ardbraccan Moonshadow 5/9 GB
Ardbraccan Mystic Legend B1 B
Ardbraccan Noble Spirit at Trawricka 5/5 GB
Ardbraccan Noble Spirit at Trawricka B1 B
Asoftbreeze of the Golden Vale B B
Atron Limited Edition 9/6 GB
Balyntine a Kiss for Luck 7/8 GB
Balyntine's Wild About Harry A SE
Bardonhill Ginger Whinger 5/7 GB
Baron of the Chicken Farm A NL
Bluebramble of the Golden Vale B B
Breezer of Tenbury Wells B B
Brinkley of Tenbury Wells B B
Buzz Of McBirdy B B
Caitlin of the Golden Vale A B
Carnbargus Connoisseur Normal D
Caskey's Persuader from Amberlight 8/6 GB
Chanel of the Chicken Farm A2 B
Charley Cinammon's A NL
Charmain Of the Trav'lin star A NL
Charming Tristan of the Red Kindness A NL
Cheyenn of McBirdy B2 B
Chickadee of McBirdy B2 B
Chiva du Cap de l'Emeraude B F
Church Field Allure B1  B
Church Field Zumblynn  D B
Cianti of Tenburry Wells B B
Coppersheen Coalville Lad 7/5 GB
Covarney Cool Customer B B
Cristal of Funny Home B B
Crow's Castle Louca A B
Curdy of Tenburry Wells C B
Curdy of Tenbury Wells C2 B
Cyrano du Cap de l’Emeraude A F
Dalwhinnie of the Golden Vale B B
Danaway Fortune Teller 4/4 GB
Danaway Imagination C B
Davitta of Kyntire B B
Demarquise of Royal Residence 12/10 GB
Denrose Anatina A B
Denrose Diamond C2 B
Denrose Flam B2 B
Denrose Lady-be-good B B
Diana of the Chicken Farm 0/0 GB
Diana of the Chicken Farm 0/0 GB
Dibri of Primrose Garden B B
Diceydovey of McBirdy B1 B
Discovery's Clear Choice A SE
Discovery's X-cactly My Type A SE
Don Pablo of the Chicken Farm 4/2 GB
Dubliner Fischerman's Friend A SE
Dubliner Hole in One Normal D
Dubliner Sex Appeal A B
Dubliner Sex Bomb B B
Duchess of Funny Home B1 B
Dundee of McBirdy A F
Ebonny of Funny Home B1 B
Ebony-Set Flashing Fabulous B B
Elton of Funny Home C1 B
Ember of Kyntire 3/4 GB
Emy Of the Trav'lin Star A1 B
Ensor of Funny Home A2 B
Entire Just sweet A FIN
Evaline of the Hunter's Home B B
Evita of the Chicken Farm 0/2 GB
Faith Ireleith 5/3 GB
Faradiva of the Chicken Farm 2/3 GB
Faust of the Chicken Farm 5/6 GB
Fearnley Fire Jack B B
Felouque A2 B
Flame of Kyntire 7/4 GB
Flame of the Red Kindness A NL
Flannan's Amazingly Red A NL
Flannan's Amore B2 B
Fletcher of McBirdy D B
Freeminder of the Golden Vale A1  B
Frisbee of McBirdy B1 B
Frodo Ireleith 3/3 GB
Garden Star’s Basic Sound A B
Garden Star’s Kodak Gold A2 B
Garden Star's Irish Vagabond A H
Garden Star's Junior Owen 3/2 GB
Gentltouch of Royal Residence 4/5 GB
Geronimo of Tenbury Wells B1 B
Gigolo of Funny Home B2 B
Gipsygirl of the Chicken Farm 3/3 GB
Girlygirl of McBirdy 9/5 GB
Glen of McBirdy 5/5 GB
Godzilla C1  B
Goldings Gloster B B
Goldings Goodness Gracious B B
Goldings Jeroboam A1 D
Gotcha of Kyntire 3/3 GB
Gracelynn of McBirdy D B
Gwendariff What a surprise 6/5 GB
Hagar Ireleith  5/5 GB
Haike of Funny Home B1 B
Hakim Ireleith  3/4 GB
Hangun C1 B
Hannah B2 B
Happydays of Funny Home B2 B
Harko de Kellefleur B2 B
Hasina Ireleith  4/4 GB
Heaton of McBirdy A1 B
Hillsborough Charmed B B
Hillsborough Erin B2 B
Hillsborough Zstargate A B
Homeboy of Funny Home B1 B
Hot Sensation's Joy of my Live C DK
Houston of the Trav’lin Star 4/6 GB
A2 B
Iamchico Of the Trav'lin Star C1 B
Iamor Of the Chicken Farm B1 B
Idgie Of McBirdy A2 B
Iggypop Of McBirdy A1 B
Ikar Obious Red A1 D
Impressive of the Trav’lin Star A2 B
Iris B2 B
Irish Ireleith C2 B
Irishlady Ireleith A2 B
Irishrebel Ireleith B2 B
Itas Of Funny Home B1 B
Jamaica of Royal Residence 7/3 GB
Jessy Of the Trav'lin Star A1 B
Jonola Dr Doolittle 7/3 GB
Jonola Wicked Ways 4/5 GB
Jrobbedoes Of The Trav'lin Star A2 B
Juggernaut's Emerson A NL
Junah Obvious Red B1 B
Kaprice du Bois d'Orléans B2 B
Kaylee Of The Trav'lin Star B2 B
Keann Of McBirdy A2 B
Kells Of McBirdy A F
Kescha Of the Chicken Farm A2 B
Kimberley Of the Trav'lin Star D B
King-Pinsch Alberti Chianti A SE
Kingstan Of The Trav'lin Star B1 B
Kyra of Kyntire A2 B
La Traviata of the Chicken Farm C B
Lander of Royal Residence 6/4 GB
Largowinch of Royal Residence C1 B
Lennon Midnight Traveller B B
Leroy Liberty Of the Red Kindness A NL
Lestannons Micky Bleu Eyes 7/7 GB
Lilly Ireleith A B
Lindsay of the Trav'lin Star A2 B
Little Girl of Funny Home B1 B
Lordly Bonvivant B B
Lordly Breeze B B
Lordly Bronan B1 B
Lordly Filibuster B1 B
Lordly James B B
Lordly Jilian Fast Normal D
Lordly Love Joy A B
Lordly Lovey Dovey B B
Lordly M'Buster A B
Lordly Mistral A B
Lordly Our-pride B B
Lordly Promise A B
Lordly Randy A B
Lordly Rumpypumpy A B
Lordly Unci A B
Lordly Uptodate C B
Lordly Utah B B
Lordly Veryvib B B
Lordly Yelly A B
Lordly Yethro B B
Lovely Ireleith A2 B
Loverboy of Funny Home B B
Lowfield Gen A B
Lowfield Hotspur C B
Lowfield Serena C B
Lucifer Ireleith A NL
Luxatori Jill Flirt B H
Luxatori Jimmy James A H
M’Eudail Teddy Bear A2 B
M’Eudail Teddy Bear B2 B
Maverick of the Red Kindness A NL
Mayfred Mrs Robinson 8/7 GB
Megan of The Trav'lin Star B B
Midnight Dancer of the Chicken Farm B B
Mister Spencer of The Trav'linStar B B
Mistery's Isiky B B
Moonspinner's Ocean Lorelei A B
Moonspinner's Oriental Jade A B
Moonspinner's Othello C B
Moonspinner's Quella B B
Movie Star from Askeaton A B
Never Say Never Again B B
New Linacre Xena B L
Newgay Quotable A B
Newgay Yaro B B
Norcroft Starling A B
Our Red Joy Of the Trav'lin Star A B
Pandora of the Chicken Farm B B
Passadena Moonglow Obvious Red A B
Primadonna of Secret's Home C B
Queenstone Handsome Lady A NL
Queenstone Irish Lady A NL
Queenstone Keep my special Lady B NL
Queenstone Lady Nightingale A NL
Queenstone Lady Oilily B NL
Queenstone Lady Zsa Zsa A NL
Queenstone Lazy Elwood A NL
Queenstone Mister Perfect A NL
Queenstone Prima Donna A NL
Queenstone Robin Hood A NL
Queenstone Simply the Best A NL
Queenstone The JeeJee Man A NL
Queenstone Uptown Girl A NL
Quelly of the Chicken Farm B B
Quickstep of the Chicken Farm B B
Quinta of the Chicken Farm A B
Quinten of the Chicken Farm A B
Revival Klogdance A B
Revival Melony A B
Revival Morning Mist B B
Revival Quazimir C B
Revival Romance A B
Revival Tanou A B
Revival Tularedust A B
Rhapsody of Secret's Home A B
Riverwood Junglerock A1 B
Riverwood Kumbayah B2 B
Sabrina of the Chicken Farm C B
Satlas Night Cap at Ireleith B B
Schwung Habibi B1 B
Schwung Hillary A2 B
Schwung Madonna B B
Schwung Miss Jenny A B
Schwung Mister Dee Jee A B
Schwung Paulette A B
Scotslaw Detroit Spinner By Thendara B NL
Shenanagin Scholar with Braidmount 9/8 GB
Shilla Z Saturnii A B
Smartstep van de Westerhuy A NL
Sumaric Shadow of Mr. Jingles 5/6 GB
Suteresett Milky Way with Scarletti 6/3 GB
Tatterslee Dion at Ireleith A1 B
Tatterslee Rhea at Ireleith A2 B
Temptress of the Golden Vale B B
Teramour Pure Gold at Ireleith  7/9 GB
Thendara Frozen Asset 4/7 GB
Thendara Satisfaction 4/7 GB
Trawricka Alicia Normal D
Trawricka Cashmere B   B
Trawricka Dreamdance B B
Trawricka Faithful A1 B
Trawricka Gaelic Hero B1 B
Trawricka Highjinks B1 B
Trawricka Hope'n'glory 5/7 GB
Trawricka Iamspecial B1 B
Trawricka Jollyjoker C2 B
Trawricka Keepsecret B2 B
Trawricka Unrivalled B B
Twice as Nice of the Red Empire B B
Umber Of Kyntire A B
Unchaste of the Golden Vale A B
Utopia of the Golden Vale C B
Valencia of the Chicken Farm B B
Vicary’s Adventure B B
Vicary’s Cocorum C B
Vicary’s Dolcevilla A B
Vicary’s FancyFace C1 B
Vicary’s First Royal A2 B
Vicary’s Hot Spot B2 B
Vicary’s Hunk of Love A2 B
Vicary’s Zackery A B
Vicary's Jarlaith 6/1 GB
Vicary's Jarlaith C2 B
Vicary's Justmagic B1 B
Vicary's Keykeeper A2 B
Victoria de la Cour Saint Florent B F
Wait and See of the Red Empire B B
Wesslynn from Askeaton B B
Winchester Cathedral Deus B B
Winchester Cathedral Honeybee 6/7 GB
Xanadu of Kyntire A B
Xandor of Funny Home C B
Xantia of the Chicken Farm A B
Xaverius of the Chicken Farm Leicht D
Xavery of Kyntire B B
Xepta of Kyntire A B
Xorah of the Rocky Road A B
Xsara of the Chicken Farm A B
Xtullyowen of the Golden Vale B B
Yakez of the Chicken Farm A B
Yenna Of Funny Home A B
Yente Of Funny Home A B
Yorkey of McBirdy B B
Yuelynn of McBirdy B B
Zafira of the Chicken Farm A B
Zarinda of Kyntire Leicht D
Zgloryglee of Kyntire B B
Zoë of Tenbury Wells B B

Rood-Witte Ierse Setter /Setter Irlandais Rouge et Blanc /

Irish Red & White Setter

UPDATED 06/05/2019
Naam/Nom/Name HD  Land/Pays
Adackx Harras A1 B
Anton vom Duvenseer Moor Fast Nomal D
Ardbraccan Gael Force A B
Ardbraccan Gaelic Legacy A B
Autumnwood Gold Award A2 B
Celtic-Red and White Quinta A B
Celtic-Red and White Quo Vadis A B
Coolfin Ballybeg A D
Dalriach Grainne A1 B
Diamond Douglas du Val des Mordorées E B
Exclusive’s All for Me B B
Exclusive’s Ansa B B
Exclusive’s Arran A NL
Exclusive’s Devotion A2 B
Exclusive’s Dhenastar  B2 B
Exclusive’s Dimrost B B
Exclusive’s Enjoyable B2 B
Exclusive’s Yore B B
Exclusive's Emerald  A2 B
Exclusives Glamour A1 B
Exclusive's Gypsyboy A D
Exclusive's Irishmusic A1 B
Exclusive's Irishsmile A1 B
Exclusive's Irishstar A2 B
Glennessa Masterplan A B
Jeroben Full of Joy B1 B
Largo du Val Des Mordorees A F
Loupiac du Val Des Mordorees B B
Pachino A1 B
Red Fellow's Nordach Tyronen B Fin
Roscrea A2 B
Taniswood Dancer's dream 9/3 GB
Terne des Coris Mambo A B
Terne des Coris Musette A B
United Spots Red Kite A F